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Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound Facial (30 mins)

A gentle peel suitable for sensitive skin. It involves massaging a cosmetic product into the face using a
special appliance.

Ultrasound gives the skin a micro massage, unblocking the sebaceous glands, cleansing and renewing
the skin, improving blood and lymph flow and reducing fluid retention and puffiness. 
Immediately after the treatment, the skin starts to “breathe” and looks refreshed, younger and more

 Congestions: Cleanses skin of dead cells and impurities
 Open Pores: Tightens pores
 Rough skin: Evens skin texture
 Oily Skin: Regulates oil secretion
 Acne: Reduces appearance of acne
 Smooth skin
 Reduces puffiness
 Uneven skin tone: Improves supply of oxygen to skin

Ultrasound Facial + LED + Micro or Peel (55 mins)

This treatment is based on the impact of microcurrents on the epidermal and dermal tissue (depending on
the intensity) provided by frequent electrical impulses. The treatment uses products that suffuse the skin
with essential nutrients and activate the metabolic processes in cells.

 Skin Aging: Provides lift, enhances definition of facial contours
 Regulates cellular metabolism and blood supply
 Stimulates regeneration and synthesis of collagen and elastin
 Reduces puffiness
 Improves supply of oxygen to cells
 Minimises signs of ageing
 Evens skin tone

Price: $180