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Electroporation & Vitamin Infusion

This treatment is also called “no-needle mesotherapy”. We introduce active agents into skin cells (such as hyaluronic acid) via the application of low-intensity, high-frequency electrical impulses. This occurs due to the increased permeability of cell walls. The treatment is completely painless.

After the treatment, the integrity of cell walls is automatically regained while essential agents remain in the skin, stimulating regeneration, nourishing the skin and smoothing lines and wrinkles.



Dryness and flakiness skin

Aging skin: Stimulates synthesis of collagen and elastin

Couperose: Reinforces vessel walls

Reduces hyperpigmentation

Minimises inflammation in skin, spots


This treatment is not recommended if you are pregnant, suffer from epilepsy or any other serious illness, or if you have a pacemaker or metal prosthetic in your body.