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Anti-ageing Treatments

Anti-ageing Professional TreatmentS




Energy C professional treatment

The high concentrations of vitamin C in all energy C line products are developed to effectively respond to the first signs of photoaging and, thanks to the complementary nature of its antioxidant active substances, it is an ideal treatment for the skins weakened by sun exposure, smoking, strict diets or stress.


Energy C serum

Highly concentrated serum with an in-depth revitalising and antioxidant effect.
Reinforces the cell barrier, effectively smoothening the expression lines.

Active substances:
10% ascorbyl glucoside: stable form of Vitamin C.
Calendula: soothing, antiagression active substance. Reinforces the defense capacity of the skin.


Energy C crystal fiber mask 

Crystal fiber is a material for medical use based on 3D nano-fibres,
100% natural, safe and hygienic. It includes two independent pieces
that adapt perfectly to the face and neck physiognomy, performing an
occlusive effect that improves the permeability and efficacy of active
substances. Immediate lifting effect.

Active substances:
Ananas Sativus extract: Rich in Vitamins A and C. Renewal and healing action.
Salicylic acid: Smoothes the skin, restoring its brightness.
Hyaluronic acid: Highly moisturising structural effect.
Hammamelis: with vasoprotective and anti-inflammatory properties.


Price: $220

Protects against oxidative damage, while providing brightness, vitality and moisture. Fights the first signs of chronological skin aging and photoaging.


Collagen 360º professional treatment

The collagen 360º line is the first fully integral treatment designed to respond to stage II aging aesthetic disorders. Collagen 360º is aimed at reactivating collagen synthesis in the skin by supplying high concentrations of enriched marine collagen.


  • Reactivates collagen synthesis
  • Improves elasticity thanks to its redensifying and firming properties. 


Collagen 360º serum

Ultraconcentrated serum with firming effectStrengthens the mechanical resistance of the dermis, preventing degradation and effectively smoothening out wrinkles.

Active substances:
10% enriched marine collagen.

Collagen 360º crystal fiber mask

Crystal fiber is a material for medical use based on 3D nano-fibres,
100% natural, safe and hygienic. It includes two independent pieces
that adapt perfectly to the face and neck physiognomy, performing an
occlusive effect that improves the permeability and efficacy on carrying active substances. Immediate tightening effect.

Active substances:
Hydrolysed marine collagen.
Hyaluronic acid: highly moisturising structural element of the skin.
Amino acids: rebalance the skin and give back its firmness.


Price: $250




Stem Cell Professional Treatment

Professional regenerative treatment for the face.


  • Restructures skin,
  • improves density and firms the figure by improving elasticity thanks to the action of plant stem cells.
  • Cell regeneration
  • Repair Fibroblast proliferation
  • Deep-set wrinkle repair


These are progenitor cells that can self-renew through mitosis and that have the capacity to regenerate one or more types of differentiated cells. There are adult stem cell populations in the various tissues that are responsible for periodic renewal, regeneration and repair when damage occurs (acting as reserve cells).

Stem cells have the ability to divide (without losing their properties) and generate new cells. They are the foundation of the cell renewal process so their protection and restoration is essential.

Thousands of epidermal cells may be renewed by each protected stem cell, repairing the effects of skin aging. Skin stem cells are direct precursors of the cells found in the different skin layers. Thanks to their ability to differentiate, they can regenerate aged tissues.

Deep-set wrinkle repair by stimulating fibroblast and keratinocyte activity in the production of collagen and elastin, the plant stem cell extract has a strong anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effect on the skin.


Price: $250




Radiance DNA professional treatment

An effective professional treatment for face and neck designed for the purpose of effectively repairing and protecting DNA integrity, in addition to reactivate vital skin functions.


  • Repairs and protects
  • Extends cell vitality and longevity
  • Antioxidant action
  • Strengthens the extracellular matrix


Encapsulates active ingredients to carry them to the deepest layers of skin. In its composition and structure it mimics the cell membrane, increasing its levels of penetration and diffusion. Has an effect on the skin surface, improving its appearance and feel.


Extends cell vitality and longevity
Reactivates cell regeneration and renewal in the basal layer of the epidermis, leading to increased keratinocyte production. Epidermal tissue becomes thicker, denser and more resistant to external aggressions.


Antioxidant action
Neutralizes free radicals, helping to improve the skin’s self-defense mechanisms and slowing down the skin aging process.


Strengthens the extracellular matrix

Restores the dermo-epidermal junction and stimulates fibroblasts to increase the quality and quantity of collagen and elastin. Skin elasticity and firmness is restored, face contours are redefined and deep-set wrinkles and expression lines are considerably reduced.


Price: $250