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Our Team

The team is a group of hardworking, passionate, intelligent and honest people. People who are passionate about skin health, helping people, customer service, and who are true ambassadors of the values of the clinic. 



(Reception/Beauty Therapist)

Taylor loves skincare and is one of our best therapists. Her passion and dedication in performing at the highest level will ensure you have a great experience every time. Her pleasant and bubbly nature will no doubt brighten your day. She contributes to ensuring that the clinic is positioned to succeed at the highest level by her dedication and work ethic.

'Hi there, my name is Taylor. I have been a customer service agent as well as a Beauty Therapist for several years now and have joined the team as one of the receptionists. I strive to help people live a happier and healthier life, and I can't wait to meet you and help you achieve your skin goals.' 



(Beauty Therapist)

Sallina is our most experienced therapist with 15 years of experience and an approach that will leave you wanting for more. "Sallina has magical hands", said a few clients. She is our backbone and foundation. Her knowledge and experience shape the entire experience you will have at the clinic. Her honest and sincere approach means you will always get the right advice and is a core value of the clinic, we are here to help people and Sallina embodies this value in every sense of the word.



Anil & Anu


We just took over the clinic in October of 2019 and are keen to add value to our customers by increasing our treatments portfolio and ensuring we have the best therapists looking after you and doing your treatments and giving you the best advice on what you need to do take care of your skin.

After working with Sallina, Leah and Taylor we can honestly say that we have had excellent reviews from our customers and is a testament to their sincerity and dedication in giving you the best experience.

We are dedicated to helping you take care of your skin and giving you the right advice you need to look and feel pretty and confident in your skin.